20 February, 2022

The Four Horrible Ideologies of America

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Newbies, four horrible ideologies run America: Zionism, Multiculturalism, Leftism and Feminism. (Ironically, or not, all four are Jewish or heavily-Jewish in their origins).

I’ll address each one separately.

Zionism: the Jewish movement to create, nurture and protect the state of Israel. Zionism has been official U.S. policy since September 1975 due to U.S. (and Jewish) diplomat Henry Kissinger’s Sinai II agreement. Kissinger created an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) that was attached to Sinai II — it was a document signed with Israel — that stated that America will do anything that is required to keep Israel safe and sound from that moment forward. It was historically unprecedented. In other words, America will go to war for Israel, and bail out Israel if it needs financial help. Amusingly, or not, there were secret addendums and memorandums attached to the MOU. No, you can’t see them. Only Jews are allowed to see them. The MOU is updated/renewed regularly (i.e., every 10 years; the last time was in 2018). It’s a truly insane agreement. Only fools would agree to such a thing. America and Israel are “joined at the hip” now: USrael. Sadly, many White people are Zionists (most are Christians who say dumb things like, “we must protect Israel because that’s where Jesus was born!” They really believe that!).

Multiculturalism: the idea that America must be multicultural is a new, and dangerous, idea. Why does America need more Blacks and Mexicans? It doesn’t, of course. Trivia: back circa 1960, some Jewish group made a TV commercial that aired during a big sports event (it might have been the World Series, I forget). Anyway, this TV commercial was in “cartoon” format and it lectured White people about how Brown foreigners from strange lands were “vital” to American society. Jews played a big role in the multiculturalization of America.

Leftism: Leftism is largely-Jewish in origin, e.g., the pro-abortion movement (Lawrence Lader, Ruth Proskauer-Smith, Bernard Nathanson) and the pro-homosexual movement (Magnus Hirschfeld, Larry Kramer, Rikki Streicher). Leftists, also called liberals, want the government to control the people from cradle to grave. That of course requires heavy taxation, which is just fine with the leftists. Leftism has been boldly anti-White since 1960. Trivia: I once read an article in which a White leftist wrote: “I don’t want my taxes lowered!” Seriously! That’s what he said. Why? Apparently, he thought that “poor Black people” need his tax dollars or they’ll die. Leftists are crazy. They are. There are two types of leftists: true believers (the majority, who actually believe the leftist propaganda) and posers (the minority; they know leftism is bullshit, but they go along with it anyway, for various reasons: personal, political, financial, even romantic reasons).

Feminism: “Second-wave feminism” is largely-Jewish in origin, and from 1971 onward it has pushed the idea that men and women are “equal” except for their genitals. In other words, women can do anything that men can do. That is total crap, but it didn’t prevent the feminist movement from flourishing. The godfather (oops, godmother) of feminism was Jewish feminist author Betty Friedan (real name Goldstein; 1921-2006). Today, feminism is a standard feature of America. Women are cops, firemen (oops, I mean “firepersons” er, “firepeople”?), and even U.S. Marines! Semper Cry! (How women got into the USMC is a mystery, since Marines are front-line combat troops. Some very powerful people in DC must have moved Heaven and Earth to install girls into the Corps).

Due to those four ideologies, America is now clown-world. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping know it (and have publicly said so). Even Joe Biden knows it.

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