8 February, 2022

They Hate Us and Want to Destroy the West

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Recall what Hanson said: the (((liberal elites))) hate the blue-collar folks in Iowa much more than vice-versa. The blue-collar people merely dislike the elites. But the elites truly hate the blue-collar people and want to wreck the White Western world.


“What happened at GoFundMe was not just the directive of a woke CEO. Wokism (or, if you prefer its other names, Cultural Marxism, leftism, or communism) isn’t just a few bad apples in our country. Instead, this massive corporation’s attack on a peaceful liberty-oriented protest reflects the hostility the most educated and affluent have to Western society. Sadly, and frighteningly, it’s a very serious number of Americans who would “transform” our United States into a dysfunctional, impoverished left-wing Marxist police state hellhole.”


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