28 February, 2022

White House Sleight of Hand: Clever

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Who’s the president now? You can bet that it isn’t Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden. Whoever he (she?) is, this is clever stuff (by the way, the “acting president” just sent another 7,000 troops overseas, in addition to 2,000 troops sent a month ago. But under what legal authority? Only the actual president can send troops overseas — in this case, that means Donald Trump).

“[A]s the Biden team were getting pummeled for negative economic outcomes, massive inflation, skyrocketing energy costs and gas prices set to double, the White House worked to create an urgent defense by manufacturing the crisis.

While Joe Biden ate his pudding, the people behind the scenes told Zelenskyy and Putin that Ukraine was about to enter NATO {December 2021}. The White House then seeded details through China knowing the intel would get back to Putin. Russia took the bait and intervened.

The collective left….now have a quick and strategic pivot point to go from COVID-19 as the excuse for all the economic ills, to Russia. The Russia-Ukraine crisis transfers the cost of the Build Back Better climate change agenda from COVID-19 to Russia/Ukraine. We can now watch COVID just disappear.”


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