4 February, 2022

Why Are Leftists More Crazy and Demanding Today?

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Maher makes a good point. Leftists, on the whole, are becoming more demanding and censoring, and just generally crazier. Why? I’m guessing this is why: the leftists aren’t seeing society change fast enough. There are still too many “evil White men” in power. Being more-emotional people, leftists are not patient (i.e., they’re not Asians, who are known for their patience). Also, thanks to the internet, it’s now harder for the Left to hide “embarrassing” news and events.

[Video, 9 minutes].

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  7. One Response to “Why Are Leftists More Crazy and Demanding Today?”

    1. Minstrel_Mojo Says:

      Another reason might be because they are changing the country so fast that their demands keep increasing to keep pace.

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