17 March, 2022

An Interesting Take on the Ukraine War

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(It’s 2030 and sabers are rattling between East and West:

East: “We have lots of money.”
West: “So do we!”
East: “We have sophisticated military weapons.”
West: “So do we!”
East: “We aren’t feminized, trannyized, woke and wimpy.”
West: “Uhhh…hmmm…”).

Anyway, Russia gains much more from the Ukraine war than the West does. In fact, the West gains nothing. It actually loses. Western domination of the world will likely end as Russia and China merge into a huge Eastern partnership.

“The burning of the economic bridges with the West makes China the only nation that can absorb the massive amounts of raw materials and grains that Russia produces. The two countries combined can scramble the post-Cold war economic and political order and create new tensions and shortages. Some speculate that the forced marriage between China and Russia will lead to a parallel financial system with the yuan as the reserve currency. The desired realignment will pit the decadent West against the post-communist East. Two distinct political blocs are forming…” (here’s a curious thought: what will happen if Arab countries join the New Eastern Bloc [NEB]? Indeed, Russia and Syria are already friends and Russia has at least two military bases in Syria. Here’s an even more curious thought: what if Iran joins the NEB? HOLY SMOKES!! OMG!! “We must flee, Moishe!! Flee!!” Could this NEB signal (*gulp*) the fall of Zionism as we know it? Could it signal the fall of American domination of most of the world? This NEB could literally transform the world. If I were Israel, I might start kissing Russian ass really hard now…).


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