7 March, 2022

Are You Down With the Sickness?

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Are you down with the sickness? No, I’m not talking about Covid-19. There’s a much-more-serious sickness going around. It started out in adults, but now it’s in the children. Now it’s felony child abuse.

What am I talking about? A mental illness called trannyism. The desire to “change your sex.” The fact that you can’t change your sex seems to make no difference to people suffering from trannyism.

Trannyism is a genuine mental illness. It used to be called “gender dysphoria” until the fag lobby got that term abolished. Trannyism has now spread to 5-year-olds. That’s child abuse: encouraging little Steven to become “Linda” is absolutely child abuse. But, are the authorities (state or local governments) concerned about trannyism? Nope. In fact, to them, trannyism is a hip-and-cool thing.

Did you ever imagine that felony child abuse would become normalized? I didn’t.

By the way, it’s worth mentioning once more that trannyism was birthed by Jews, beginning with the homosexual, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, circa 1905; it’s a fact that the entire queer movement has been run by Jews.

“If girls use breast binders as they enter puberty, the results are often irreversible.”


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