21 March, 2022

Covid: Smelling a Rat in Italy

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Italy has “herd immunity” from Covid-19 by now, or, it will have very shortly. Yet, they are going to keep the jab mandates until December 31?? This is not about health. It’s about politics and control. Conservatives are the ones who are resisting the jab. Get it? This is also a great way, overall, to find out “who obeys the government and who doesn’t.” Those who don’t? Their names end up in a government database. This is the beginning of “social credit” in the West. “Sorry, you’ll have to pay 30% more for health insurance. We checked your social credit rating. You’re not woke enough.” These health-care workers are stuck: either risk being injured by the vaccines, or quit and lose your pensions. (This is the “free” West, remember?).

News quote: “Health Minister Roberto Speranza has declared that healthcare workers will continue to be subject to the government’s vaccine mandate until December 31.”


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