12 March, 2022

Hitler: the Savior of the West

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“The Soviet communists admit that they used Hitler to unleash a war in Europe, and prepared a sudden blow at Hitler himself in order to seize a Europe which had been destroyed by him.” — Viktor Suvorov, in his 1988 book “Icebreaker” (first published in France in 1988 and in Britain in 1990).

Perspective is everything. The author, Suvorov, was looking at Hitler through biased glasses. His view, when he was writing “Icebreaker” circa 1985, was the standard Soviet view of Hitler. But the truth is, this book proves that Hitler actually saved the West. Had Hitler not invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, Stalin would have invaded and taken over all of Western Europe two weeks later (instead of only taking over Eastern Europe from 1945-onward).

Britain and France didn’t have to start World War II by declaring war on Germany in September 1939 over a crappy, unpopular country like Poland. They chose to declare war on Germany. The war was caused by them, not by Hitler.

Hitler saved the West and this book proves it. There was only one army big enough to prevent Western Europe from being communized by the Soviets: Germany’s; America’s and Britain’s armies were still too small in mid-1941 to prevent that. (Some “Western historians” [i.e., “brainwashed court historians”] have tried to discredit Suvorov’s book by saying that Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 was not defensive but only offensive, and, that Hitler didn’t even know about Stalin’s planned invasion of Western Europe. Even if that’s true [which I doubt], it doesn’t matter because the end result was the same: Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union prevented Stalin from invading/taking over Western Europe).

[Online book; a .PDF file; 331 pages].

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