7 March, 2022

Marcuse, Part 2: Equity vs. Equality

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Someone has been reading Marcuse! In fact, make that “lots of someones have been reading him”!

Have you noticed that, in the past 5 years, the leftists have gone from demanding racial “equality” to demanding racial “equity”? Well, there’s a reason for that. It goes back to Marcuse.

But first, some definitions:

“Equality” means that each person is given the same resources and opportunities under the law.

“Equity” (the newer word) means that each person, having different needs/circumstances, is given whatever he might need to reach an equal outcome (compared to everyone else).

See the big difference? “Equity” is very open-ended. The Blacks and Browns are given “whatever they need.” In other words, they will get much more “help” under the banner of “equity” than under “equality.”

Marcuse was critical of the modern West delivering only “equality of process” (all citizens treated equally by law). That wasn’t good enough for Marcuse. He wanted “equality of results/outcomes” (everyone ends up being equal to the next person, regardless of their life circumstances). Let’s put it simply: under “equality,” Blacks and Browns still end up being unequal, because they are unequal. Hence the reason “equity” is now being used. It’s much easier to hide the racial shortcomings of Blacks and Browns under “equity” than under “equality.”

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