8 March, 2022

Quote About Russia

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(From a web forum; hat tip: poster dnr871)

“The West is using the Russia-Ukraine war to suppress Russia once and for all.

This is much more than the current conflict; the reality is that the West feels threatened by Russia, not only from a military and nuclear standpoint, but also from an ideological perspective.

The liberal, immigrant-infested West can’t bear it that there are still conservative, traditional, ethnically homogenous societies in the world, Russia being the best example of this. They hate it that Russia hasn’t bowed to the woke mob, that Russia puts facts before feelings, and that Russians are a united population rather than the fragmented, racially conflicted societies the West has become.”

The West is going “full court press” on Russia: it’s even pulling Russian vodka from store shelves! That’s expensive stuff: $30 dollars per bottle or more. As if the vodka has anything to do with Ukraine. The vodka’s already been paid for, in theory at least: the retailer bought it from some wholesaler in New Jersey 2 months ago. Of course, this whole thing is ethnic: powerful, globalist Jews are having temper tantrums all over the West. You have to see this matter through Jewish eyes: the Jews are superior to all other humans. Putin (a non-Jew) was expected to “obey” the New World Order directors and submit to Ukraine joining NATO, etc. But not only did Putin not obey, but much worse: he invaded Ukraine and…wait for it…he overthrew a Jew! How dare he!! Worse than that, the global Jews won’t be able to “regime-change” Russia and re-build it into “America in the East” as they had planned. So the Jews are having a giant hissy-fit right now.

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