8 March, 2022

Rightwing Media? Where?

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I hear a lot about “right-wing media,” but I must ask: where exactly is it? Most so-called “right-wing media” outlets use the same words/phrases that the leftist media outlets use. For example, here is a right-wing news outlet using the word “fascist” to describe a leftist political group. Recall: Italy, a fascist nation, signed the Anti-Comintern Pact in November 1937 (along with Germany and Japan; Spain later signed in 1939). That was an anti-communist pact. That makes fascism right-wing, not left-wing. Forget about “Mussolini being a leftist.” He was at first, but then he saw the light and turned rightward. The godfather of fascism, Giovanni Gentile, was assassinated by leftists in 1944. I personally find fascism “busy” in a philosophical sense, i.e., it needs to be simpler, but that’s just me…maybe some reader can create a “simpler” version of fascism, without the Hegelian, pie-in-the-sky crap. Readers?


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    1. Dale Says:

      Fascism goes all the way back to the Scythians. It simply means strength through tribal unity ……..a requirement for survival. Also, In ancient times, fasces were a Roman symbol of power and authority, a bundle of wooden rods and an axe bound together by leather thongs. Representing, among other things, law and order!

      It is interesting to note that in the U.S. House of Representatives there are fascist symbols. Most notably behind the podium where the POTUS gives his state of the union address. On the right and left, behind the podium, you will see large fascist symbols. This indicates the original intent of the founders of the United States. That it be a “nation/tribe” , united and committed to it’s own survival as a racial state. Amen.