10 March, 2022

Soviet Ideas in American Schools

Posted by Socrates in "gender theory", "gender", "woke", 'gender identity', anti-family themes, anti-White themes, child abuse, child abuse via liberal propaganda, children, children and parenting, communism, Cultural Marxism, jewed education system, Marxism, public skools, Soviet America (USSA), Soviet propaganda, Soviet Union at 12:50 pm | Permanent Link

In the early Soviet Union, parents did not “own” their children, according to Marxist doctrine. Indeed, that’s what the Soviet Komsomol (youth league) was for: to “separate” the children from their parents. Children were taught to see the Communist Party as “their parents.” The state “owned” the children, for all practical purposes. Parents were just excess baggage.

Headline: “Wisconsin School District: Parents ‘Not Entitled’ to Know Kids’ Gender Identity”


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