5 March, 2022

Stop Sending Your Kids to Brainwashing Factories

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Public schools: where your kids go to be brainwashed with Cultural Marxism.

A leftist said years ago: “you’ve gotta get the kids (i.e., indoctrinate the kids) because they’re tomorrow’s leaders.”

Ever since 1965, the federal government has played a big role in the schooling of your little Johnny and little Sally [1]. That’s not good. (Common Core, a 2010 federal schools program, was written by 3 private, left-wing organizations).

Consider: in public schools today, Marxism and trannyism are allowed, but if your kid gets caught with a tiny pocketknife, he’s expelled for a year! In fact, if your kid even draws a picture of a knife, he’ll be expelled! (Back when I was in school, half of the kids carried knives and nobody cared).



[1] “The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) was signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who believed that “full educational opportunity” should be “our first national goal.” From its inception, ESEA was a civil rights law. ESEA offered new grants to districts serving low-income students…” — www.ed.gov. (There’s the nugget! “Low-income” means “Black and Brown people”

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