26 March, 2022

The Mosque Call to Prayer Comes to Minnesota All Year Round. Why?

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Why is it coming to Minnesota, the land of millions of White people and 41 Muslims?

Have you ever heard that horrible mosque call-to-prayer over the loudspeakers? It’s booming, monotone, Arabic shout-singing at 6:00 AM. It sounds like this:

(Yelling in Arabic): “Alli walli baba yammi….aaaaahhhhh….dilli dalli…whamma rammi…slimmi slammi….aaaaahhhhh….alli balli, polli wolli, willi dilli….aaaaaahhhhh….wiggi walli weeni balli….aaaahhhhhh….(repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat)”.

It’s so Third-World. So primitive. So Brown-people. How would you like to wake up to that crap? “Honey, I think we’re being invaded!”

News headline: “Minneapolis Mosques Will Be Allowed to Blast Call to Prayer on Outdoor Loud Speakers All Year Round”


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