1 March, 2022

There He Is: the Jew in the Woodpile

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Wait, wait, my mistake: in this case, there are two Jews in the woodpile, making outrageous and untrue claims about fascism in order to re-invent history to benefit the Jews.

These two Jews (Peter Drucker and Seymour Martin Lipset) say that fascism came from communism, and that communist thug V. I. Lenin was the first fascist dictator! OMG! Holy cow! This is big news to me [1]. Sounds like Bircher stuff [2].

In other words, in plain English, according to these Jews, fascism and communism are equally evil. Well, nope! No way!! One is Jewish, offensive in nature, and murdered 100 million innocent people (i.e., communism). The other wasn’t Jewish, was defensive in nature, and didn’t murder very many people (i.e., fascism), and those it did murder usually had it coming, e.g., communists and anarchists.

Re: Drucker (1909-2005): According to Drucker: “And by initiating a mixed economy in 1921 and early 1922, Lenin became the world’s first fascist dictator, over a year before Mussolini was appointed Italy’s prime minister in late 1922” [3]. Re: Lipset (1922-2006): “The political sociologist Seymour Martin Lipset concurred…He contended that Fascism is not right-wing because Mussolini did not plan to restore monarchical or aristocratic privilege.” Baloney. Don’t believe it.


[1] the perfected version of fascism was the Partito Nazionale Fascista (PNF; Italy, 1921-1943).

[2] Birchers are famous for “blurring the lines” of fascism and communism. Most Birchers insist that fascism and communism are the same thing because they are “collective.” Nonsense. The big difference is this: one seeks to preserve Western culture (i.e., fascism). The other seeks to destroy Western culture (i.e., communism).

[3] About Drucker: “A native of Vienna, Austria, he grew up as the son of Jewish-born, Christian (Lutheran)-convert parents named Adolf Drucker (an attorney) and Caroline Bondi (a one-time medical student).”

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