22 March, 2022

Those Darn White People!, or, Why Did We Give Them Equality?

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Given the fact that Whites invented the world, this seems ridiculous. We even gave them “democracy” and look what they did with it! [1]. You try to be nice and fair and give them “equality” but look what happens. They run it off a cliff: look at Baltimore. Look at Detroit and Atlanta. Give them “equality” and they break it every time.

Asian mayor: “I’m getting used to dealing with problems that are expensive, disruptive and white.” (Oh, that’s super-hilarious! But try telling a Black joke…or a Mexican joke…or a queer joke…or…wait for it…a Chinese joke!).

[Article and Video].


[1] paraphrasing Mussolini: “Give them democracy? What would they do with it?” Right. We saw how well democracy worked in America: Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were both elected twice! And yet the Blacks still yell about “racism in America”!

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