10 March, 2022

Ukraine vs. Russia: Very Interesting Article

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Bottom line: since the 2014 coup (which was triggered by America), Ukraine has been culturally transformed, from “normal” to “freaky” in just 8 years, complete with a greasy Jewish president who “played” piano on live TV with his penis (and that’s no lie, watch it yourself; what a freak, even if it is satire, it’s gross). Russia didn’t like that transformation, and I cannot blame Russia for not liking that. Now we find out that Ukraine had biological-weapons labs. Why did they have those? Those aren’t conventional weapons!

“When Mearsheimer says that Russia operates with a 19th century outlook, he does not mean her viewpoints are “backwards” or “regressive,” but that the idea of what a nation is, is different than the post-liberal conception the West operates with today. Western Europe has largely secularized, and as a result is doing everything it can to rid itself of its cultural and religious patrimony. The EU is a woke and globalist organization par excellence, whereas Russia is not at all.”


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