23 March, 2022

White Nationalist Theory for Newbies

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Re: the current U.S. Senate confirmation hearings for prospective U.S. Supreme Court justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. She is a Black federal judge. (As for defining “a woman”: duh, that’s just too easy. How about: “a human who has a womb”?? — and, consider it, I’m not even a federal judge! Heck, I didn’t even graduate college! What college did Jackson attend? Just kidding: she went to Harvard. Yes. Seriously. Harvard!).

We White people are a nation, and we must think like a nation.

“Nation” means “a group of people who are alike.” Such as the Japanese, for example. “Nation” does not refer to borders, only to people (although granted, borders are often involved, such as the border separating Russia and China. For years, the Jews were “a wandering nation” — so to speak — until they got their own state [Israel] in 1948; before that, the Jews were kicked out of 109 countries. A world record!).

America is a White Western country. Negroes are not White. Therefore, negroes cannot properly represent and defend Americans in the legal realm. This does not apply only to Blacks, of course. No non-Western people can properly represent and defend us in the legal realm: Browns, Jews, Asians, etc. are not Western.

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