1 April, 2022

Europe Will Regret Russia Sanctions

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Seen: an expert saying that Europe will soon regret the sanctions that America put on Russia. Why will Europe regret the sanctions? Because, unlike America and Russia, Europe doesn’t produce a lot of things anymore (e.g., oil, wheat and natural gas). So Europe will pay for those sanctions on Russia. Nice going, “Joe Biden” — soon Europe will also hate you! Isn’t globalism great?? It creates global “ripples” — like tossing a stone into a pond.

(Speaking of Biden, no one has yet answered the question: “what will the Biden Administration do when Old Joe’s brain ceases to fully function circa July 2022 due to senile dementia?” If you answer, “then Kamala Harris will become president,” that would be a truly historic moment, but for all the wrong reasons. One good outcome from that would be that even liberals will be begging for Trump to be re-installed into the White House! “Please come back, Donald! Please!!”).

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