5 April, 2022

Leftism is About the Tail Wagging the Dog

Posted by Socrates in "woke", 'gender identity', 'sex-change', 'transgender', jewed culture, Magnus Hirschfeld at 12:47 pm | Permanent Link

The rules of the Judeo-Left demand that a freaky minority group (in this case, trannies) makes the rules for the rest of society, and you better follow those rules, Mr. Normal! [1]. Judeo-leftism inverts reality. Abnormal becomes normal, while normal (e.g., the nuclear family, or heterosexual people) becomes abnormal.



[1] Jews have dominated the “tranny” movement since Day 1. Indeed, the godfather of the tranny movement was Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935), the Jewish homosexual who invented the idea of “transgender” transformation. He coined the term “transvestite” in 1910 and the term “transsexual” in 1923.

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