2 April, 2022

Leftists: the Illusion vs. the Reality

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It’s interesting to consider the giant gulf between what liberals say and what they actually do. That gulf is as big as the Grand Canyon. The liberals say “A” and “B” but they do “Y” and “Z.” It’s almost like liberals are actors, playing scripted roles for the public’s benefit.

Here’s some liberal morality for you (a scenario):

An old lady, in a big city at 3:00 AM, hears someone breaking into her house. She picks up the phone to call the police:

(*ring*)(*ring*) “Hello. We’re sorry, but the police department has been defunded by the Left. Try calling the water department.” (That almost happened in 2020).

Criminals being free to prey on the citizens — that’s “morality” and “justice”?

The liberals “care about Black and Brown people?” No, they care about Black and Brown votes. Illegal aliens? The liberals love illegal aliens because they will later become voters and they’ll mostly vote Democrat.

“Tolerance”? Liberals are so “tolerant” that they permanently ban people from social media if those people don’t agree with the liberal agenda! When Donald Trump won the election in 2016, the “tolerant” liberals reacted to that by burning cars and rioting in NYC. Even worse, liberal judges later refused to punish the rioters. Liberals also rioted all over America in Summer 2020 but — you guessed it — very few of them were charged with crimes. (Liberals get away with everything, but conservatives get away with nothing, e.g., James Alex Fields, Jr. was sentenced to life in prison plus 419 years [!!] for trying to escape a crowd of angry liberals in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 which was chasing him with weapons; in the process, he struck and killed a woman with his car; he had faced the death penalty but avoided it by pleading guilty to 29 bogus “federal hate crime charges”; note that “hate crime laws” are unconstitutional because they create different punishments for the same crime, e.g., if you call an Asian a “slant” before you punch him, you’ll get a much longer jail sentence than if you didn’t; “hate crime laws” are also selectively enforced, with Blacks hardly ever being charged with them).

“Transgender” 8-year-olds? Sure, why not, say the liberals. Put the kids on puberty blockers? Sure, why not, say the liberals. This is “morality” and “caring”? No, it’s felony child abuse and it’s Satanic.

Society is like a ball of yarn. If you’re not careful, the ball will unravel. Society will come apart. Liberalism causes societies to unravel. We know this because we’ve seen it since about 1964. We’ve seen it in America, in Britain, in France.

Haidt is Jewish, by the way.

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