4 April, 2022

PeeWee Herman and the Jewish Mindset

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Interesting. Jews are childlike in many ways, so they identify with children [1]. In fact, since Jews “grow up quickly” (because they are very often intellectuals), they may feel a special longing or desire for childhood things (the whole comic-book industry is very Jewish. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc. were all created by Jews) [2].

“Good thing children are small and weak because the childish mind lacks empathy, is often demanding & impetuous, and feels the world should revolve around his or her wishes.” (Jews also lack empathy, are demanding, and feel the world revolves around them).



[1] Jews are high in Affect Intensity (AI). A “high AI” person feels more emotion, while a “low AI” person feels less emotion.

[2] article “Supermensches: Comic Books’ Secret Jewish History” in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, 2016.

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