22 April, 2022

Peterson and Christianity: Why?

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Jordan Peterson is a smart guy, but he’s going down a rabbit hole by embracing the Judeo-Christian religion. That’s what got the West into this (egalitarian) mess in the first place!

The idea that you “need” religion doesn’t work, because many good people are atheists. Peterson seems to be avoiding the fact that both Christianity and White Nationalism perform the same general role: “community solidification” and “giving people something to live for.” Why choose Big Jeeboo (which is Jewish of course) when you can choose Whiteness? Since the Western world is a White region, choosing White Nationalism is the logical choice. In fact, you could say that White Nationalism is “your duty as a White man.” Isn’t the West your homeland? Yes. Aren’t the people in the West your people? Yes. There you go!

(If you’re White, and you feel that you need a religion, only one will do: Cosmotheism) [1].

[Video, 1 hour].


[1] “Beyond this question of whether it is the race-mixers and Zionists or the pro-Whites who are the real Christians, there are the troubling issues of the non-European origin of Christianity: of the great body of Christian ethical doctrines which are accepted by nearly all the churches but which conflict with White spirituality and the needs for White survival, such as the Sermon on the Mount; and of the body of Old Testament and its Jewish mythology — such as the creation myth of Genesis; the “chosen people” myth, and Isaiah’s ravings against all non-Jews, together with his prophecies that the Jews will eventually rule the world and all other races will serve them — which comes along with most versions of Christianity.” — Dr. William Pierce on Christianity, 1982. Jews (or Israelites, Canaanites — you can call them whatever you like, we’re still talking about “the Jews”) wrote the Old Testament.

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