7 April, 2022

Revolution from Above

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Newbies, “big capitalism” and mom-and-pop free enterprise are not the same thing. Today, Wall Street investment banks (usually run by Jews) run America’s economic engine, rather than the old industrial capitalists, such as Henry Ford. In the old days, capitalism was normal “demand and supply” but Wall Street investment banks have bypassed that and it’s just financial speculation today [1][2].

“In Mein Kampf (1925) Hitler said that Bolshevism and capitalism were equally his two enemies; were working together; were two sides of the same coin. There’s a reason that American Jewish capital funded Lenin. There’s a reason that the Chinese Communist party was able to assimilate capital so thoroughly and so easily.” (Trivia: The Nazi Party officially opposed land speculation).



[1] finance-capitalism/bank capitalism includes “institutions too big to fail” like investment bank Lehman Brothers, which crashed in 2008, and ditto Goldman Sachs. In other words, Wall Street speculators and “boom and bust cycle” bubble-makers. Wall Street investment banks don’t create or nurture industry. They fund it, sure, but that’s all. The bankers have no personal stake in any industry, and that’s an important distinction. Whereas Henry Ford would have a personal stake in good automaking, the Jewish bankers don’t. It’s only another speculation for them and they could crash during the next “bubble burst” like Lehman Brothers did. Even if not, a day later they move on to something else. In other words, “they have no skin in the game.”

[2] “Capitalism, as originally and correctly understood, means private ownership of property and resources and competitive free enterprise in the supply of goods and services. Supercapitalism, which can be defined as highly concentrated finance-capitalism, is not only different from capitalism, it is the antithesis of capitalism and sooner or later acquires the character of being actively anticapitalist.” — from the book “The Zionist Factor: the Jewish Impact on Twentieth Century History” (Costa Mesa, CA., The Noontide Press, 1992) by journalist/political analyst Ivor Benson, chapter 9, p. 121-122.

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