25 April, 2022

There is No Such Thing as Leftist or Liberal Ideology

Posted by Socrates in left-wing violence, left-wing vs. right-wing rule, leftism, leftist/liberal cruelty, leftist/liberal hate, leftists, leftists-as-liars, liberal mindset, liberal vs. conservative thought, liberalism, liberals, liberals as bullies, liberals fooling the citizens, liberals-as-children, liberals-as-destroyers at 5:35 pm | Permanent Link

Why not? Because “tear White society down!” isn’t an ideology. It’s destruction. Nothing more. That’s not politics. That’s not philosophy. That’s not an ideology. That’s vandalism and violence, and that was true in Russia in 1917 and it was true in America in 1968 and it’s still true in 2022 America. These greasy, oily, leftist people are thugs. Criminals. Vandals. Destroyers.

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