11 April, 2022

TV and the Death of the Alpha Male

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I was watching a TV sitcom and I wondered aloud how much of a role TV has played in the death of the alpha male (an alpha male is a manly, rugged, Steve McQueen/John Wayne type who drinks whiskey straight with no chaser. A leader, and full of testosterone and courage). (U.S. Marines are, by default, alpha males…unless of course they’re…uhhh…women. Then they’re not).

Here’s the difference: An alpha male: “I’m gonna kick your ass!” A beta male: “Please don’t hurt me!”

Every man on TV is a wimp. Especially on the comedy shows (sitcoms), which feature this type of stuff: Husband: “Yes, honey. Whatever you say, honey!” Wife: “Good boy! Maybe I’ll let you have a strawberry daiquiri later.” Husband: “Really?? Gee, that would be swell! Can you put a little umbrella in it??”

Not only are TV men wimps, but they’re stupid. The husband is dumb and clumsy, but the wife is smart and always right. That’s “the standard situation” on TV sitcoms. What message do you think that sends to American men? A bad one.

The death of the alpha male is serious, and is actually dangerous. It means that, at crunch time (e.g., during a disaster), there’s no capable man around who can step up to the plate and take action. There’s no leadership. Just wimps sitting around asking, “gee, what should we do now? Wait for the Coast Guard?”

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