8 April, 2022

U.S. General: America Must Poke the Bear, Again!

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Fools lead America. Lead us where? Nowhere good, that’s for sure.

The general says: “we should build more military bases in Eastern Europe and begin to rotate U.S. troops in and out.” Why?? This is known as “poking the bear” (Russia) and it’s not smart. Indeed, that’s what started the Ukraine war!

Buchanan: “this sounds like a prescription for a Cold War II that America ought to avert, not fight. For the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, while a declared goal of U.S. policy, is not a vital U.S. interest to justify risking a calamitous war with Russia.” Buchanan is correct. It’ll be a Cold War that could turn hot at some point. Why risk that over Ukraine??


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