3 April, 2022

UK: Just When You Thought the West Could Not Get Any More Ridiculous

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Pregnant men!

Welcome to the new, insane West.

Thanks to Jewish postmodernism, people now believe that men can get pregnant, since there’s “no such thing as reality or truth anymore” [1].

News quote: “Hospitals across England are embracing the woke new age and are now being encouraged to ask everyone – man or woman – if they are pregnant or not before they can get certain medical procedures.”


[1] the central part of postmodernist philosophy is social constructionism (i.e., the social construction of reality) which was a Jewish movement: it was created by Jews such as: Edmund Husserl, Alfred Schutz, Max Scheler and later Peter L. Berger (who, like Scheler, was a convert from Judaism to Christianity). Other Jews who contributed to social constructionism were Emile Durkheim and Claude Levi-Strauss. Postmodernists believe that society is an artificial, “White male construct” designed solely to hold back and oppress Blacks, Browns and women. Postmodernists also believe that nothing is absolute or true: everyone has his own reality and no single reality is better, or worse, than another. This is bullshit. If it rains on 100 people, all of them will later report that “it rained”; i.e., it’s the same reality for all 100 of them; listening to Jews and Marxists will ruin your country, White man. The first thing that must be done: Western governments must defund all of the universities from Sweden to California until they stop pushing Cultural Marxism.

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