11 April, 2022

WEF Founders

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Old saying: “if it’s global, Jews pioneered it.” (Vhy, vhy vould dey say dat, Moishe, vhy? Dey hate us, Moishe, vhy? Such hate, Moishe…vee must flee to Jerusalem, Moishe…).

1. The question “is Klaus Schwab a Jew?” (but apparently he’s not) has been rendered moot. “Two Jews” beats “one Jew.” (But no, I have not forgotten about Schwab’s Jewish sidekick, that Israeli fellow, Harari).

2. It seems that the WEF (World Economic Forum, founded in 1971) wasn’t a European creation, as we thought, but was a North American creation, “philosophically built” if not physically built by three men, two of whom are Jews:

— Herman Kahn (Jewish; 1922-1983; he pioneered “scenario planning” [the backbone of WEF planning], which began in the military in the 1950s and then spread to the corporate/political world).
— Henry A. Kissinger (Jewish; 1923- ).
— John K. Galbraith (White; 1908-2006).

(There’s a funny joke in the 1987 comedy movie “Back to the Beach,” paraphrasing it:

Man: “Did you just throw a thing?” (out the window)
Woman: “What thing?”
Man: “I saw you throw a thing!”
Woman: “I thought I saw a thing, but I don’t know what thing I thought I saw.”
Boy: “Gee, this is like a conversation at the Kissingers, isn’t it?”

[Article], [Article] and [Article].

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