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26 August, 2013

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No one is “allowed” to talk about this fact in public: there is an average IQ difference of 15 points between Blacks and Whites [1] and that difference has not improved after decades of welfare and anti-racism programs. (And that’s just IQ. What about other racial differences, such as Blacks being more prone to criminal […]

15 July, 2013

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So, White people didn’t give birth to advanced civilization? Ancient Greece was a multicultural effort? Suuuure. For the record, Whites gave the world to mankind. Every idea, every invention of note came from Whites, including, ironically, democracy, which liberal and Jewish professors worship (when they’re not worshipping Karl Marx). [Article].

28 December, 2010

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Race doesn’t exist. Ask any Jewish expert. “Blacks” are just figments of your racist imagination: [Article].

6 April, 2010

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by Jerry Abbott: [Here].

4 April, 2010

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(above: Revilo Oliver) Speaking of universities, he was one of the few enlightened teachers in academia: the late Dr. Revilo Oliver: [Essay by Dr. Oliver].

25 November, 2008

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

15 April, 2008

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[You can’t read the two articles here without registering – now. Too many people were making pro-MacDonald comments. So the 49er shut down access.] Long Beach History Dept. Statement on MacDonald MacDonald reply #1 MacDonald reply #2 MacDonald’s new book: Cultural Insurrections [Long Beach college paper articles] Psychology professor denounces departments’ reprimands of his […]

15 April, 2008

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[An attack on Kevin MacDonald is an attack on you, me, our families, our ancestors and our posterity. It should be met with every possible resistance, for the jews mean genocide for our kind, and Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D., is a hero for proving that. MacDonald has a new book, and you can show your support […]

9 February, 2008

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Psychology department to issue statement on professor’s controversial literature Staff and faculty are worried that psychology professor Kevin MacDonald’s work has anti-Semitic and racist overtones.Andrew SmithIssue date: 2/7/08 Section: News The Cal State Long Beach Psychology Department has recently initiated new plans to disassociate itself from controversial psychology professor Kevin MacDonald. The department is currently […]

9 December, 2007

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God wants you to join the party, he told us so! We go live at 9PM EST Ever wonder why so many people world wide believe in such fantastic tales of magic and mysticism when it comes to their religion, BUT they avoid much more obvious truths that stare them in the face so plainly? […]