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6 August, 2016

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Seen on the TV: a big, Western company bragging about how it invested billions of dollars into Africa and thereby helped improve the lives of millions of Africans by creating jobs, funding health care and education, etc. (Gee, thanks a bunch, big corporate stooges. Now, sickly, unwanted/unplanned/bred-like-rabbits African babies will survive and later come to […]

26 August, 2015

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There’s a lot that could be said here, but let’s keep it simple: Blacks have no business being in the West. They aren’t Western. They’re African. [Article].

26 March, 2015

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But it’s too late for that. The White colonial rulers left Africa decades ago.

23 February, 2015

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“What we could do for European Jewry, if they weren’t so god damned stubborn and arrogant, is ship them off to Soviet Birobidzhan, in the Russian Far East. Stalin offered that area to the Jews during the 1930s as an alternative to Palestine. They could have any type of society they wanted for themselves out […]

23 December, 2014

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by Austen Layard. (This article is from January 2014, but I had not seen it until now). […] “The evidence for significant cultural advancements in Europe earlier than anywhere else in the world is largely ignored by scholars and the public alike, because it does not fit the politically-motivated idea that humanity was an African […]

4 October, 2014

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Why are White people being sent half-way around the world to fight an African disease? Because Blacks are basically adult children [1]. They are unable to care for themselves, so White people have to help them. (Yet, here in America, Blacks are now police officers and judges and congressmen). [Article]. [1] the famous doctor, Dr. […]

15 September, 2014

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The Blacks hate living here, they say. America is racist, oppressive and unfair to them, they say. So, if that’s the case, do you ever hear of Blacks hopping a boat or a plane back to Africa? No? That’s odd. You’d think Blacks would be lined up at the airports and the piers, eagerly awaiting […]

31 July, 2014

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Another White country is committing cultural suicide. Trivia: I asked an anthropologist this question: “If race doesn’t exist, or doesn’t matter, how do you explain Africa, an entire continent that is regressing? Since White colonialism ended circa 1980, Africa has nearly collapsed. Why is that?”[1]. He couldn’t, or wouldn’t, answer my question. Of course, the […]

27 July, 2014

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While his people starve, head chimp Mudgabe eats lobster and caviar and tells them “don’t worry, things are getting better.” Want to wreck a country? Let niggers run it. Of course, it isn’t all Mudbaby’s fault: the “West” (read: Jews and their globalist puppets) helped him into power because it couldn’t tolerate a White-ruled country […]

2 March, 2014

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In the New World Order, all humans will behave in a certain way, or else. [Article].