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4 August, 2013

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(Above: a naked Robert Mugabe enjoying his favorite food) Fidel Castro used to “win” elections in Cuba. It’s funny how communist dictators always win elections. Trivia: most Blacks in Zimbabwe want to return to White rule. [Article].

16 June, 2013

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Hmmm, when I read this article, I didn’t see “Black incompetence” listed as a reason for Africa’s tiny share of the global air-travel market – maybe they forgot to mention it? European countries have banned African planes from landing at their airports. (In March 2006, the EU banned dozens of African airlines from landing in […]

7 May, 2013

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1 August, 2011

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(Above: African leader Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe) “More caviar, sir?” “Shall I get the limo, sir?” People actually say these things to Blacks today! That wouldn’t be happening if the African countries were still run by Whites under colonialism. Black dictators didn’t even exist until rather recently [1]. In fact, negro rule is a truly […]

27 March, 2011

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Why celebrate these people? They’re the most unsuccessful humans on earth; many of them are only semi-human. Indeed, Blacks have been a burden to mankind. On the other hand, Whites invented the world. [Webpage].

20 November, 2010

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Let’s say that you’re a young woman living in a Western country. Do you 1) avoid Africa like the plague, or 2) go there against all common sense? [Article]. [1] about Amy Biehl

14 January, 2010

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From October: “There is famine in Kenya and Ethiopia again. Sending food and emergency relief will make things worse in the long term.” [Article].

12 June, 2009

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If Whites aren’t supreme, who is? [Article].

15 May, 2009

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Negro, Colored, Black, African-American – maybe if Blacks could just make up their minds about what they want to be called… [Article].

1 May, 2009

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by Alex Kurtagic. “If these authors are correct, this would furnish a powerful argument against the effectiveness, and indeed the wisdom, of White-sponsored development programs in Sub-Saharan Africa and other developmentally “retarded” parts of the world. Indeed, decades after decolonization, and despite ever-growing mountains of aid money being thrown at the Dark Continent, violence, famine, […]