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22 February, 2008

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With crime and corruption out of control and White taxpayers fleeing to safer countries, South Africa is looking to improve its tarnished image. Once governed by Whites, Blacks have run S.A. since 1994, with predictable results. South Africa is now called a “democracy,” but it’s controlled largely by the African National Congress (ANC), a semi-Marxist […]

14 February, 2008

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A negro states the obvious: White rule is best: [Article].

11 December, 2007

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Want to know what REALLY happened after whites stopped apartheid in South Africa?   This show will be a real eye opener for those who think that handing over a white government to blacks will work. Show starts LIVE at 9:30pm est     CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE    

1 December, 2007

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AIDS: the first political disease? Hyped by the world’s Jewish/leftist media as being a widespread, equal-opportunity ailment, AIDS is somewhat rare and is contracted mostly via risky behavior. Despite the fact that clueless Africans get AIDS, it’s still a queer disease that often appears in homosexual men (of interest concerning queer men is a phenomenon […]

21 November, 2007

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When Rhodesia was run by White people, it was prosperous. Indeed, its rich farmlands made it the “breadbasket” of Africa. Now it’s called Zimbabwe, Blacks run it, and it’s a catastrophe. Notice the mention of Hoogstraten (a.k.a. van Hoogstraten) in the footnote [1][2]: [Article]. [1] more about Zimbabwe: [Here] [2] more about Rhodesia, Zimbabwe and […]

2 November, 2007

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Here’s some trivia: over the past 50 years, Africa has regressed. Despite massive Western aid, daily life there is getting worse. Why? For one thing, many Whites have left that country. The European colonies in Senegal, Zambia, etc., are gone. The White-ruled governments of South Africa and Rhodesia are only a memory. If Blacks are […]

17 August, 2007

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Former president Abraham Lincoln tried to ship the negroes out of America. But that plan failed, so he was forced to follow Plan B, which led to the Emancipation Proclamation [1]: [Poll] [1] about Lincoln’s repatriation plan: [Here]

5 May, 2007

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The following is from Cathy Buckle’s site (link at bottom). She’s a liberal White woman who lives in Zimbabwe. She has experienced, and documented in archived letters, the decline of the black-run state first-hand, although she continues to deny reality and insist that race has nothing to do with atrocities and daily indignities she and […]

26 December, 2006

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A ruptured gasoline pipeline burst into flames Tuesday as scavengers collected the fuel in Nigeria’s largest city, killing at least 200 people. The death toll was expected to rise as rescue workers tried to document more charred corpses. Scores of bodies could be seen jumbled and fused together in the raging flames at the blast […]