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25 October, 2017

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If the queers could keep their dicks in their pants, AIDS wouldn’t still be spreading “at an alarming rate.” But they can’t do that, because queers are hedonists: pleasure comes first, safety comes last. Shouldn’t deadly diseases be about health and public safety, and not about “queer politics”? Homosexuals are nothing but burdens to the […]

20 July, 2014

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(Above: queers on parade) Queers are sex-obsessed freaks who can’t keep their pants zipped up. (Then, when they catch AIDS, they blame “conservatives” and “homophobia”). [Article].

16 February, 2014

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You know how a negro is a “penis with legs”? Well, a fag is just as bad. He wants to screw any thing at any time, 24/7. Even the threat of a deadly disease doesn’t deter a queer from trolling for anonymous anal “love.” [Article].

1 November, 2009

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The U.S. will combat AIDS by not combating it. Got that? (Which Jewish member of the fag lobby birthed this policy?): [Article].

17 July, 2008

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Uh-oh. How are the egalitarians going to explain this away? [Article].

11 December, 2007

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Want to know what REALLY happened after whites stopped apartheid in South Africa?   This show will be a real eye opener for those who think that handing over a white government to blacks will work. Show starts LIVE at 9:30pm est     CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE    

1 December, 2007

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AIDS: the first political disease? Hyped by the world’s Jewish/leftist media as being a widespread, equal-opportunity ailment, AIDS is somewhat rare and is contracted mostly via risky behavior. Despite the fact that clueless Africans get AIDS, it’s still a queer disease that often appears in homosexual men (of interest concerning queer men is a phenomenon […]