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22 October, 2021

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A quote from a horror movie: “Do I believe it? Twenty years ago, I would have said “not a chance.” But today? Anything’s possible.” “Destroying natural immunity will give them control over humanity” someone wrote, about Covid-19 vaccines. So this is the reason they want to vaccinate the entire West with “the jab”! White people […]

21 September, 2021

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AIDS: like Covid-19, it was all about politics, not about health. This is a Linda Ronstadt interview, filmed for TV, 5/27/89. Re: an AIDS benefit concert at Oakland Coliseum in May 1989: Ronstadt sang at the AIDS benefit concert because she wanted to help “get rid of” the idea that there was “moral baggage” involved […]

5 May, 2021

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Covid-19 is a political disease, just like AIDS is. Covid-19 is an “anti-Trump” disease, i.e., when you push lockdowns and masks and vaccines, you are, by default, fighting the White, male, freedom-loving, Trump supporters. Liberals are paranoid control freaks who live to force “stupid hick citizens” to obey government mandates “for their own good.” A […]

5 March, 2020

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Some diseases will, by default, attack certain people much more than other people. In the case of Coronavirus, contrary to what Big Media tells us, it attacks Asian males the most due to genetics. (In the case of AIDS, male homosexuals are much more likely to get it due to their unique lifestyle: frequent sodomy, […]

25 October, 2017

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If the queers could keep their dicks in their pants, AIDS wouldn’t still be spreading “at an alarming rate.” But they can’t do that, because queers are hedonists: pleasure comes first, safety comes last. Shouldn’t deadly diseases be about health and public safety, and not about “queer politics”? Homosexuals are nothing but burdens to the […]

20 July, 2014

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(Above: queers on parade) Queers are sex-obsessed freaks who can’t keep their pants zipped up. (Then, when they catch AIDS, they blame “conservatives” and “homophobia”). [Article].

16 February, 2014

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You know how a negro is a “penis with legs”? Well, a fag is just as bad. He wants to screw any thing at any time, 24/7. Even the threat of a deadly disease doesn’t deter a queer from trolling for anonymous anal “love.” [Article].

1 November, 2009

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The U.S. will combat AIDS by not combating it. Got that? (Which Jewish member of the fag lobby birthed this policy?): [Article].

17 July, 2008

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Uh-oh. How are the egalitarians going to explain this away? [Article].

11 December, 2007

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Want to know what REALLY happened after whites stopped apartheid in South Africa?   This show will be a real eye opener for those who think that handing over a white government to blacks will work. Show starts LIVE at 9:30pm est     CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE