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4 January, 2020

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This was posted at on 1/3/20: “An increase in the influence of women in public life has often been associated with national decline. The later Romans complained that, although Rome ruled the world, women ruled Rome. In the tenth century, a similar tendency was observable in the Arab Empire, the women demanding admission to […]

24 November, 2019

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Regarding the West, Alex Linder once said (paraphrasing): the Jews always create a “let’s you and him fight and I’ll stand over here and make sure you follow my rules” scenario, each time. Imagine what White people could do if they weren’t always fighting each other. Let’s look at some Jewish-created, anti-White, adversary movements: — […]

23 October, 2019

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Alex already posted this graphic of Goebbels at Kirksville Today, but I wanted to comment on “Part II” so to speak: Goebbels also said that only in America are gangsters treated like celebrities; indeed, citizens used to approach Al Capone in public and ask him questions like, “hey, Al, who do you want to win […]

2 August, 2019

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Alex Linder wrote: “It doesnt matter if the “left” aka jews has mostly shitty memes…if they are all one hears from every official (govt dept) and every top private vector (corp. and pulpit), they win. given the way people are by their animal biology. tv is authority, and Authority is right this is the biological […]

18 February, 2019

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“Europe is being changed into a multicultural continent without allowing the people to vote.” — Alex Linder. Excellent point. The Left loves to toss around the word “democracy” every few hours. Indeed, leftists worship democracy (at least publicly). So why doesn’t the Left allow White people to vote to decide if Europe becomes multicultural or […]

16 February, 2019

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Alex Linder once said: “women want to live in a world with all of the corners rounded off.” In other words, women want to live in an ultra-safe world where there is no danger. But this move by baseball teams to ban peanuts from sports stadiums is ridiculous. Why should everyone suffer in order to […]

4 January, 2019

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Alex Linder once said that, if a politician wants to win an election, he need only run on one promise: if elected, he’ll give the citizens their freedom back. If he did that, he’d win by a huge landslide. Yes. On that note: True, building a border wall will guarantee (or almost guarantee) that Donald […]

1 January, 2019

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Re: this post at the VNN Forum. It seems that some people still think that Alex Linder writes on the VNN main blog (i.e., the VNN main website, located at He does not write there anymore, although that may change soon. These days, he only writes at VNN Forum and at Kirksville Today. I […]

21 December, 2018

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Alex, Monica and Jan on the radio, recorded Dec. 13th. [Webpage with audio; duration is 1 hour, 43 minutes].

22 November, 2018

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Just thinking out loud here. Forget the fact that one – or maybe more – of the guys on the stage here is a Jew. Forget that for a moment. This talk raises big questions, for me, concerning White Nationalists as well: what should guide White mankind today? What kind of framework (a book, I […]