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3 May, 2006

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by Alex Linder (Break, Blow, Burn by Camille Paglia; Random House: New York, 2005, 247 pp.) This is an unobjectionable but also unremarkable treatment of 43 poems by Camille Paglia, or a language-arts teacher renting her name. It is nowhere near as interesting as her essays or breakthrough work, Sexual Personae. At her best, Paglia […]

28 April, 2006

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[Jew apologists respond to Mearsheimer & Walt study in The New Republic. Remember: when a jew speaks, you must assume the opposite of what it says is the truth, until proven otherwise. If lying is “good for jews,” jews lie. If the truth were in jews’ favor, they wouldn’t need to control the media.] THE […]

28 April, 2006

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[It never gets better, only worse. This will continue until the last jew is underground.] Bush to proclaim designated month for Jewish history: From Columbia Tribune

27 April, 2006

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“There are no races, only the hyooman race. Oops, sounds speciesist. I mean, I mean, we’re all just primates…. I mean animals. I mean life forms. In any event, we’re all equal in the eyes of G-d. Some Jew wrote that down in a book and that makes it fact. Monkey-men should be allowed to […]

24 April, 2006

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Foreigners Out Resistance Imagined and Perceived By Michael O’Meara I wrote the following proclamation on the afternoon of April 22. That evening I happened upon the video entitled “La révolte des petits blancs,” which had been posted at on April 21. Every white nationalist ought to take heart from this video. I was especially […]

23 April, 2006

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Contest details here

20 April, 2006

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Usual mix of wisdom and foolishness, about Waco, from young libertarian Gregory. Big problems for Normal White America when racial tyranny ensconces itself as legitimate authority. Hard to alert people to the problem when the media supposed to keep watch on the government are in many ways the most powerful part of that tyranny. “Media […]

18 April, 2006

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[Bit o’ BTL on this Salon report, by jew, on Mearsheimer & Walt study…] Is the “Israel lobby” distorting America’s Mideast policies?

17 April, 2006

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GoyFire #31 is on the air! Chock full ‘o’ hate! Craig Cobb, Byron Jost and Dopplehaken join Alex and Agis to discuss various subjects: More invader news, Byron’s “Line in the Sand” released on the internet, jewspaper jew jews billionaire jew and gets nabbed, Belarus, and TNB. 16 kbs stream – perfect for dial-up […]

17 April, 2006

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Dominated by jews backed up by feminists and fruits, today’s academy ensures that no book worth reading is available, let alone the white male who wrote it. The power of the left appears to have expanded to the point at which there is no way to disentrench it save violent uprooting. The jew never backs […]