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4 August, 2019

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Liberal snowflake: “If only we could ban guns, we could stop violence in America! We could all live in peace!” Liberal: “That sounds nice, but what about knives, ice picks, axes, machetes, hammers, pipes, tire irons, chains, clubs, bricks, rocks, rapists, street gangs, and the mafia? How could we ban those things?” Liberal snowflake: “(*sob*) […]

27 July, 2019

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I hate it when hateful White supremacists — hopped up on hate — leave hate outside of your office! Don’t those haters know that America is, historically speaking, a Black country? Just consider one of America’s most famous founders: Mr. Jefferson. Yeah. Blind Lemon Jefferson. [Article].

26 July, 2019

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News report: “US building coalition to protect ships crossing (Persian) Gulf” Where, oh, where have I seen that sort of headline before? Oh, yeah! In 1941, just before president F. D. Roosevelt started WWII by issuing “shoot-on-sight” orders for German ships during “protective convoying with allies”! It seems that protective convoying can lead to war. […]

22 July, 2019

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Tweaker #1: (*huff*)(*huff*) “Dude, want some more wasp spray?” Tweaker #2: (*huff*)(*huff*) “No, dude, I’m good…but I will have some more ant spray, if you have any left…” News report: “Wasp spray used as alternative meth, contributed to three overdoses” [Article].

21 July, 2019

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That’s impossible. Nobody is worse than a racist! Racists are evil incarnate! Racists are like, like, like Satan without a pitchfork! Like Beelzebub without wings! They’re like, like Ted Bundy without a Volkswagen, like Adolf Hitler without a funny mustache, like rich Republicans fleeing diversity via White Flight! Yes, they’re evil incarnate! This claim just […]

17 July, 2019

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Texas official #1: “Well, that’s no problem. We’ll just have to be more careful from now on. Instead of letting 500 immigrants from Ebola-land into Texas every week, we’ll only let 400 immigrants from Ebola-land into Texas every week! Problem solved!” Texas official #2: “You’re a genius, Paco! No wonder you graduated at the top […]

17 July, 2019

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This older White guy “used the rapper’s image in a bid to improve the agency’s culture.” The very idea that TwoSack could improve anything in Iowa. (How about some early Black Sabbath? “War Pigs” comes to mind). [Article].

8 July, 2019

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How insane is this Nivea-being-dumped-by-an-ad-agency situation? Consider this: in a normal world, companies hire, and fire, ad agencies, not vice-versa. Cultural Marxism can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, anytime [1]. Schools, the media, churches, ad agencies, little old ladies, children — anyone can practice Cultural Marxism. It needs no government or no army to install […]

6 July, 2019

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It would be interesting to learn who this person was who complained about the police presence. Were they Black? Mexican? SJW? This sort of thing is becoming somewhat common in places like Seattle, Portland, San Franqueersco, etc. Cops are seen as “Nazis” today — which is funny since most cops are hopelessly race-blind and politically […]

2 July, 2019

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Everything in the Western world has been liberalized. Every law, every idea, every trend. Why? For one thing, liberals control the Western media. The media sets the trends and the styles. For another thing, liberals, being more emotional, fight harder in order to cause the political and social changes that they want. They simply outfight […]