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11 April, 2015

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Did you know that Jews funded both sides of the “Civil War”? [1]. This ensured that, regardless of who won the war, Jews would win. [Article]. [1] e.g., the Jewish bankers August Belmont & Co., Speyer & Co., J. & W. Seligman, and Erlanger Co.

28 March, 2015

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First, we learned that the U.S. government declassified a top-secret report about Israel’s until-now-secret nuclear weapons program. Then later, the White House told Israel that its 50-year occupation of Palestine must end. The Obama administration is the most anti-Israel administration since the founding of Israel in 1948. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a […]

22 March, 2015

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“Russia is the Jews’ hell, and they know it.” — VNN Forum poster “ohgolly.” There’s an old saying: if you keep poking a dog, sooner or later he’ll bite you. Why does America keep poking Russia? The answer, of course, is that it’s part of the NWO plan. The world “must” be remade into an […]

22 March, 2015

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The Globalization of War: America’s “Long War” Against Humanity. I haven’t read the book, but it looks interesting. [Book].

26 February, 2015

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The American university system: the taxpayer-funded counterculture. [Webpage].

21 February, 2015

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It seems to be true: Obama is the first U.S. president since Jimmy Carter (in office 1977-1981) who isn’t a complete Zionist [1]. [Article]. [1] president Bill Clinton (in office 1993-2001) tried to create peace agreements between Israel and Palestine, however, some of his policies severely punished Iran, no doubt for Israel’s benefit

13 February, 2015

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Sounds like a bad joke, but apparently it’s not a joke: [Article].

11 February, 2015

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“Low-income people who qualify for the subsidies…have received the greatest benefit from the law…” Of course they’ve received the greatest benefit. That’s what Obamacare is all about: poor Blacks and Browns “win,” while well-to-do Whites “lose” via paying higher taxes and higher insurance premiums. In other words, Whitey is paying for Obamacare, which was a […]

25 January, 2015

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A country can either evolve and change slowly over a long period of time, or, it can be quickly changed by a cultural revolution brought about by certain powerful people, like America was. It only took probably 400 well-connected Jews in the media, Hollywood, universities, politics and banking to wreck America with immigration, multiculturalism, feminism, […]

21 January, 2015

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Q: What’s the Jewish national anthem? A: “Onward Christian Soldiers.”