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2 October, 2014

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“The utter failure of democracy in America could not be clearer, either in this loss of control over foreign policy or the more fundamental failure that it reflects: The reduction of European-Americans to a straggling ethnic minority. Democracy in America has proven its worthlessness to Americans of European descent, whose ancestors created a Republic reflecting […]

17 September, 2014

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In America, the self-chosen decide who’s legitimate and who isn’t, and they’ve decided that Henry Ford isn’t. [Article].

15 September, 2014

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The Blacks hate living here, they say. America is racist, oppressive and unfair to them, they say. So, if that’s the case, do you ever hear of Blacks hopping a boat or a plane back to Africa? No? That’s odd. You’d think Blacks would be lined up at the airports and the piers, eagerly awaiting […]

14 September, 2014

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As if Whites – the people who gave the world to mankind – need “privilege” to succeed or to stay out of trouble with the law. As if your average White person’s IQ isn’t 15 points higher than a Black’s. As if America wasn’t founded and run by Whites until rather recently. As if most […]

17 August, 2014

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If Trotsky, Lenin and Mao were alive, they’d love the “UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.” [Article].

17 August, 2014

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That’s a real fear: in modern America, illegals can and will sue you (with help from the usual suspects, i.e., Jews and liberals). A rancher in Arizona was sued by illegal aliens and lost his entire ranch. [Article].

26 July, 2014

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This sheriff raises an important issue about terrorists possibly coming into America from Mexico. If the threat of terrorism is so real, and if al-Crapola really exists and isn’t just a phantom (created to justify American Zionism), why is the U.S./Mexico border nearly wide-open? Why isn’t border security a top priority for the U.S. government? […]

21 July, 2014

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Good idea. Currently, California is a total mess. Many towns are bankrupt, and it’s full of liberals and Mexicans. Local control, as opposed to control from the liberal-dominated state capitol, would help Whites in California. (In fact, as we move forward in time, look for the map of America to change greatly. States will split […]

18 July, 2014

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I hear what this fellow is saying. Really I do. The neocon baloney, America as being not-really-a-nation, consumerism, etc. But, I think there are a couple of different ways to look at America. On the one hand, when the founders wrote “all men are created equal,” they obviously used that (in the Declaration of Independence) […]

13 July, 2014

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Someone made a good point on an internet forum: why don’t the states (not the Feds) go after the money that illegal immigrants send home to Mexico and Central America? They work in America illegally and then wire billions of dollars (per year) to their home countries. State and local laws could be passed that […]