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31 May, 2013

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It’s interesting that the singer would say that, since America has been very, very good to the Jews. In fact, you could say that America “saved the Jews.” America allowed millions of Jewish refugees to come here. Jews (many of them communists) fled Imperial Russia and came here. Then later, more Jews (again, many of […]

25 April, 2013

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(Above: Zionism is Jewish imperialism; like cancer, it spreads and gets worse. Due to Jewish power in America, the U.S. has been supporting Zionism and Israel for decades. In fact, thanks to the horrible 1975 Sinai II agreement, America supports Israel at every turn, unconditionally) (Full-size image is Here). Once again, Jews are the cause […]

21 April, 2013

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It’s called the American Nationalist Association. I don’t know much about this group, but the good news is this: unlike some nationalist groups, ANA “names the Jew” as the enemy (which is, of course, an absolute requirement for any WN group, since Jews have led the assault on White culture [1]). According to one webpage, […]

7 April, 2013

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by ThePatriotNurse. I don’t know this woman, but she makes a few interesting points, e.g., the Korean shopkeepers in L.A. (Please recall that I also mentioned America’s pop culture as being the only culture we have, as opposed to, say, Sweden or Britain, which have genuine cultures passed down from generation to generation). [Video].

5 February, 2013

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(Canned TV laughter: Ha-ha! Giggle! Hoo-hoo! ) A top U.S. government official urges people not to call illegal immigrants “illegal.” (Ha-ha!) [Article].

24 June, 2012

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Uncle Sam (above) says: “What a bummer. I’ve spent years trying to remake the Middle East for Israel’s benefit, but it’s just one setback after another.” [Article]

27 May, 2012

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(Above: dead U.S. soldiers, World War I) This Memorial Day, let us remember all of the wars that America didn’t have to fight and all of the men who nonetheless died fighting them. You know, this may sound like an odd question, but, does America need a military? According to the wording of the U.S. […]

27 February, 2012

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If China ever invades America, will I be an “insurgent” if I resist the invasion? Will I be arrested and imprisoned by the chinks, in some far-off gulag, for doing so? [Article].

18 February, 2012

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Seen on TV: a clip from an old movie in which an Indian (a.k.a. “Native American”) accuses White men of “speaking with forked tongues.” (The White man’s promise is no good, according to countless Hollywood movies, while the Indian’s word is rock-solid). Seeing that clip caused me to remember a book that I once owned, […]

8 January, 2012

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Here’s a good point about muds that you rarely hear about. In addition to the crime they cause, they also cause lots of accidents, car or otherwise. Brownskins are naturally less cautious than Whites. They’re more likely to drive drunk, smoke a cigarette while pumping gasoline, leave a lighted candle unattended, engage in risky sex, […]