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8 January, 2015

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Newbies, forget any PC stuff that you see in this video and focus on the main theme. It makes some good points about a democracy vs. a republic. The Founding Fathers gave us a republic, but we have become a democracy. In a democracy, what the people or the plutocrats want, they get, regardless of […]

29 December, 2014

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Ever since the 1991 Gulf War (a war waged for Israel’s benefit), relations between America and the Muslim world have been poor [1]. When the Muslims don’t like America, we are less safe. But America’s leaders say just the opposite: they say that we are more safe. That’s like saying that the Sahara Desert is […]

28 December, 2014

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Back in the old days (circa 1950), the Soviet Union was the “mothership” of world communism. Today, America is also a mothership, but not of communism. America is the mothership of the New World Order (which could also be called the Jew World Order). America is using NATO to build a New World Order where […]

24 December, 2014

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The states used to decide who gets driver’s licenses. But now, the federal government does. A federal court has ruled that Arizona must give driver’s licenses to young illegal aliens, who are also known as “Dreamers.” [Article].

16 December, 2014

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Ah, a class-action lawsuit. Those lawsuits are sometimes called “gang lawsuits,” i.e., you are being sued by many different people at once. Brown v. Board of Education was a class-action lawsuit. So was Roe v. Wade. Class-action lawsuits always seem to do more harm than good. I wonder how many class-action lawyers are Jewish? Probably […]

15 December, 2014

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A Muslim took hostages in a cafe in Sydney, Australia, but the incident has ended, although several people were killed, apparently. Now, you might ask yourself, “Why are Muslims in Australia?” Good question. Here’s the answer: in all of the White countries, Jewish organizations and Jewish politicians put pressure on the governments to increase non-White […]

13 December, 2014

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Yes, we need change: we need Blacks to stop acting like Blacks and to obey the commands of police officers. (Apparently, in the Black community, cooperating with the police is “optional”). [Article].

13 December, 2014

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Would I want to live under fascism? Not really, but some forms of fascism (e.g., Franco’s Spain) were tolerable, if not exactly free. Anyway, under fascism, when a law is needed, it can be created in a day or two by the head of state [1]. Under democracy, the political parties fight over a bill […]

11 December, 2014

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Do you want to destroy a culture? Then introduce democracy into it. In just a few decades, the media will be in Jewish or leftist hands, women and retards will be voting for “professional politicians” who pander to the NWO and don’t give a damn about the people, and teenage girls will be using drugs […]

4 December, 2014

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“Unisex bathrooms” on U.S. submarines? What’s next: an entire fleet of midget sailors in wooden canoes? (the enemy would be taken completely by surprise, you see…). [Article].