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4 March, 2019

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(Above: “Sandy” Berger) Who made China (a communist country, remember?) into a global powerhouse that can threaten America both financially and militarily? Surprise! Jews in president Bill Clinton’s administration played a huge role in doing that [1]. Almost every person involved in the administration’s “let’s grow China like a weed” strategy was Jewish, especially Clinton’s […]

22 January, 2017

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But first, a mention of Adolf Hitler. Most Western leaders are either disliked, or merely tolerated, by the people. Hitler, however, was genuinely loved by the people. Granted, it’s very early in Trump’s presidency, but he could end up being the same way: genuinely loved by the people, and that’s what really scares the Jews […]

21 February, 2015

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It seems to be true: Obama is the first U.S. president since Jimmy Carter (in office 1977-1981) who isn’t a complete Zionist [1]. [Article]. [1] president Bill Clinton (in office 1993-2001) tried to create peace agreements between Israel and Palestine, however, some of his policies severely punished Iran, no doubt for Israel’s benefit