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23 February, 2015

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(Above: the Auschwitz camp band. How could a band exist at Auschwitz if its members were constantly being gassed?) A 94-year-old (!) German man has been charged with being a “death camp” guard at Auschwitz. Prosecutors say that “the suspect was an SS sergeant who served as a medic in Auschwitz in an SS hospital.” […]

8 September, 2011

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Why not sentence the girl to read science fiction? It’s just as real as the Anne Frank tale – she herself described her famous “diary” as a novel. [Article].

6 April, 2010

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After 11,847 film versions of the Anne Frank legend, here comes another one, just in case you aren’t obsessed with her yet: [Article].

20 August, 2009

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Haven’t heard or seen enough of this overhyped little snagglesnoot? You’re in luck, silly goy: [Article].