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8 March, 2022

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I hear a lot about “right-wing media,” but I must ask: where exactly is it? Most so-called “right-wing media” outlets use the same words/phrases that the leftist media outlets use. For example, here is a right-wing news outlet using the word “fascist” to describe a leftist political group. Recall: Italy, a fascist nation, signed the […]

11 October, 2021

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What happens when foreign people control the policies of your White nation? Hate happens. Wars against other White people happen. America could have sided against evil Bolshevism in 1933 and again in 1936. But instead we embraced evil Bolshevism and we murdered Germany which only wanted its stolen land to be returned. Hitler didn’t want […]

16 September, 2021

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Globalism: one world. One government. One people. One currency. No borders. Free tacos. Sounds kinda cool, huh? If only it was! If only! Sadly, it’s not like it sounds. It sounds neat (Brotherhood! Roasting marshmallows around campfires while the sexy sounds of Joan Baez waft gently through the night air and owls hoot in the […]

4 September, 2021

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The, ahem, “Biden administration” is probably the most Jewish administration America has ever had. True, the Clinton administration was also full of Jews (which of course produced disastrous results: that gang of heebs waged war on [White] Serbia, via NATO, under false pretenses, and, via liberal trade rules, it “grew” China into a global powerhouse […]

7 December, 2019

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America poked Japan with a stick for 4 years because it dared to sign the 1936/1937 Anti-Comintern Pact with Germany and Italy (America could have signed it as well, but of course we didn’t, because that would have been logical) [1]. But that wasn’t enough for America. We began strangling Japan, so to speak, preventing […]