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26 April, 2017

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The Marxists win again, as usual. You’re starting to miss Robert Jay Mathews (1953–1984), huh? He wouldn’t have put up with that sort of anti-White crap. The Marxists would flee upon seeing Mathews coming towards them. [Article] and [Article].

19 April, 2017

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Reading the federal law, it seems that the U.S. Justice Department could, if it wanted to, charge “antifa” people with federal criminal conspiracies. Since nationalists have been charged with crimes under the flimsiest of “rights violation” excuses, federal charges could also go the other way, huh? (Newbies, most political violence in the world comes from […]

21 March, 2015

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An anecdote: the former leader of White Revolution, Billy Roper, was attacked by two anti-fascists and struck in the face with a tire iron in July, 2001. Why was he attacked? Because he is pro-White. That’s a “crime” according to anti-fascists. (By the way, the two anti-fascists who attacked Roper were acquitted of the crime […]