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27 August, 2006

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VNN update – Just finished a tasty GF, #37, with Agis, Craig, Geoff… Lots of good topics, including Scythians, Mexicans, concealed carry in Kansas, nigger triggerist in Vermont, free speech and Fromm, and lots more… Please note: I’ll be on “The Conway And Whitman Show” this WEDNESDAY at 11 pm CST, 9 pm Pacific. […]

4 April, 2006

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Good Afternoon, Mr. Linder I don’t know who tossed a copy of “Aryan Alternative” on my from lawn this morning. At first glance, I was horrified -shocked. But after a few minutes of close reading, I finally understood and so agree with your “message.” Thank you for waking me up! Your prose style, illustrations, photography, […]

16 March, 2006

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[Sounds like a fear reaction brought on by the unexpected sight of the plain truth. If The Aryan Alternative makes you puke, train your eyes on the nearest niggers and wait two minutes. Dissatisifaction guaranteed.] Disgusted: Prejudice, Racists and Bigotry A friend went outside to bring in what she thought was her Wednesday newspaper. However, […]