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7 April, 2022

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Newbies, “big capitalism” and mom-and-pop free enterprise are not the same thing. Today, Wall Street investment banks (usually run by Jews) run America’s economic engine, rather than the old industrial capitalists, such as Henry Ford. In the old days, capitalism was normal “demand and supply” but Wall Street investment banks have bypassed that and it’s […]

12 December, 2021

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(Above: banker Paul M. Warburg) Inflation exists because normal White people don’t control America’s money system anymore. Greedy Jews have controlled it since 1913, when the wrongly-named “Federal Reserve System” was created by Jewish banker Paul M. Warburg (1868-1932) [1]. America’s central money system was already inflationary: “fractional-reserve banking” is, by itself, inflationary. It causes […]

23 October, 2021

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Robin: “Holy Hebrews, Batman! Almost every war in history has been caused by oily Jewish bankers!” Batman: “Exactly, Robin. And we could deal with those pesky Jewish bankers, except for one small problem. Certain people won’t let us deal with them.” Robin: “Who, Batman, who?? The Hare Krishnas? Chinese midgets? The Black Lesbian Guerilla Army?? […]

27 August, 2021

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(Above: the Federal Reserve headquarters. It is not “federal” in the traditional sense because it’s not part of the U.S. government. It’s a private bank with shareholders. Then why, oh, why, does it have a “.gov” URL address? Good question! When you find out, let me know. The Federal Reserve, like most central banks, was […]

16 April, 2021

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It’s possible that crypto-currency will kill off a good portion of Jewish financial power (mainly the control of the money supply of the Western world, such as America’s “Federal” Reserve bank, which is actually a private entity with stockholders. Strangely, it has a “.gov” URL! Sneaky!). But what if Western governments ban crypto-currency by law? […]

11 November, 2019

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Seen on the TV: a commercial in which Joe Citizen is portrayed as “smart” for using Brand X credit card. That’s funny! How is he smart for using a credit card? Thanks to interest payments (which can be as high as 20% depending on various factors) and hidden banking fees, he’s paying more money by […]

18 November, 2018

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[…] “The country (Argentina) is facing a currency crisis and double-digit inflation that has led the government to announce sweeping measures to balance the budget and cement a financing deal with the International Monetary Fund.” [Article]. Re: the International Monetary Fund: allow me to put it another way: “The communist Jew and Soviet agent, Harry […]

17 June, 2018

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Capitalism only works when everyone is a “traditional White male.” Add Jews, Asians, greedy/immoral Whites, leftists, feminists and “free trade” to the mix and the whole game is ruined. “Right-Wing populism is gaining traction in America and the rest of the West. The sentiment that many Whites in the West feel correctly affirms that their […]

11 September, 2017

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White Woman: “Let me see if I understand this: I need a good credit score so that I can buy expensive stuff and go into debt so that my credit score will go way down and I won’t be able to buy on credit anymore? Is that right?” Jewish banker: “That’s the nugget of it! […]

14 August, 2017

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Newbies, understand that financial meltdowns and “bubbles” are planned 99% of the time — in other words, the meltdowns/bubbles are not “accidents.” In fact, the Federal Reserve has a history of creating financial bubbles and up-and-down financial cycles. Such “cycling” of the economy (a.k.a. “Jews playing fast and loose with other peoples’ money”) should be […]