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11 December, 2014

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Here’s more proof that Britain is, culturally speaking, in big trouble. Of course, there are way too many Jews in the BBC management [1], just like there are way too many Jews in the American media companies. [Article]. [1] a Jew, Danny Cohen, became Director of BBC Television in 2013

28 November, 2009

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by Charles Dodgson. “Alex Kurtagic has already described for TOO readers British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on the high profile BBC Television programme Question Time, 24 October 2009). Here I add to Mr. Kurtagic’s account by focusing on the lessons to be learned from its reception including the ideological pathology it revealed. […]

20 March, 2008

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Or too Jewish? – for example: Michael Grade (BBC Chairman until 2006), Anthony Salz (Acting Chairman, 2006), Alan Yentob (Creative Director) and many others: [Article].