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11 May, 2010

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(click on the image to enlarge it) What’s the difference between a White guy in a forest and a Black guy in a forest? The White guy looks around and says, “wow, what beauty!,” and stays there awhile. The Black guy looks around and, seeing nothing that he can fuck, steal or smoke, heads back […]

16 November, 2009

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A good article by Tom Sunic. Jews led the assault on beautiful, proportionate art and architecture because they hate it. They hate it because Jews themselves are ugly and they know it. Big noses, big ears – their faces are disproportionate, and worse, many Jews have a rodent-like appearance. They can’t recognize beauty when it’s […]

16 August, 2009

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by Tom Sunic. “The word and epithet ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ are usually hurled against White nationalists, never ever scathing other racial non-European outgroups. Over the last fifty years, no effort has been spared by the Western system and its mediacracy to pathologize White Western peoples into endless atonement and perpetual guilt feelings about their White […]