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28 June, 2018

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Jews are international people, so who better to lead the NWO? In Look magazine, January 1962, the boss Jew, David Ben-Gurion (1886-1973) predicts parts of the New World Order before they happen — of course, he would know, wouldn’t he? Among other things, Ben-Gurion talks about a “world alliance” (we already have three: the UN, […]

18 October, 2009

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Ha. That’s funny. Isntreal was founded on terrorism. David Ben-Gurion admitted that the goal of the Jews was to create Israel by force, not by diplomacy. Israel routinely starts wars and commits horrible violence against non-Jewish children. Israel even kills zoo animals. That’s not “civilized” – unless you’re a Jew: [Article].

29 January, 2009

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Now that the cruel Jews have renewed their assault on Gaza – an assault which included killing zoo animals [1], let’s recall that the Jewish or Hebrew Bible (i.e., Deuteronomy and the Book of Joshua in the Old Testament and also in the Jewish tanakh) portrays the mass-killing of gentiles/non-Israelites, and their animals, as a […]

6 January, 2009

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by Gareth Porter. (An “illegal coup”? That’s an interesting claim. As you read this article, recall an important historical detail: Jewish leader David Ben Gurion admitted that the Jews planned to create Israel by force. In other words, guns and violence were going to bring a Jewish state into being in Palestine [1]. Given that […]